Space Clearing

Cleansing and clearing the energy of your home removes old, unwanted and stagnant energies and creates a feeling of lightness and space for new possibilities.

Space clearing can be beneficial in many situations, including when:

- People who are unwell or have been experiencing strong negative emotions have spent a lot of time in the space

- There has been a big change in the living arrangements, due to relationship break-up or the birth of a new child 

- You simply feel stuck, overwhelmed or uncomfortable in the space

- You wish to call into existence a new situation in life or welcome a new family member into your home

Many times it is only after the clearing that we note how much "stuff" has been living alongside us. 

Grace Healing Collective uses Pranic Energy Healing techniques to cleanse and clear physical spaces. This is complimented by use of specifically selected room sprays and incense. Importantly, each clearing session includes a discussion beforehand about why you want the space cleared and a follow-up coaching on steps you can take to maintain this.