Hi, my name is Sarah Davies De Paola and I'm the founder of Grace Healing Collective. 

My focus is on empowering you to let go of all that is not you, to remember who you really are, and to support you in finding and expressing your own unique voice. I'm passionate about people embracing all sides of themselves

Energy healing has interested me as long as I can remember - some of my earliest memories are to do with seeing and feeling energetic vibrations. I'm currently focused on space clearings and coaching. I’m a Co-Active Coach and Pranic Energy Healer.

Over the course of 2018, Breath Therapy & Sound Therapy will also be added to Grace Healing Collective, as will individual energy healing sessions. 

Writing and editing are passions of mine. 

I’ve also spent 10+ years working as a senior communications expert for large European-based global corporations. I specialise in thought leadership communications, leadership and strategic communications, reputation management, publications, and the planning and execution of global communications campaigns. I continue to provide communications consulting services for executives, small business owners, start-ups and creatives. 

My family is based in Zurich, but I'm originally Australian. While I love forests, mountains and deep blue lakes, I crave the wind, salty air, sunrises and sunsets I grew up with. Not to mention those wide-open, star-filled night skies…