Grace Healing Collective merges a love of energy work, coaching, natural therapies and communications. An eclectic yet powerful combination. There's great power in releasing all that is not us, in remembering who we really are, and in finding and expressing our own unique voice. 

We stand for equality, empowerment and collaboration. While we work with individuals on transforming specific areas of their lives, we believe it’s equally important to address what’s going on in the world around us. No-one lives in a vacuum… therefore no-one can heal or thrive in a vacuum. 

There’s a current trend to commercialise healing, self-love and wellness. We – like many others – want to cut right through that. Our clients drive transformation in their own lives – they definitely don’t consume it.

Why the name "Grace"? It's because we can fall from grace (and pick ourselves up again), walk with grace, take something with grace... It's about a life lived with grace.