Belinda Davidson

Belinda Davidson is an international speaker, author and modern mystic. Her approach to healing is as effective as it is simple: if we change our energy, we change our lives. Working with Belinda, you will be empowered to take full ownership of your self-healing and self-transformation. She will be direct, down-to-earth and generous with you. She will hold the space for you to come home to yourself.


Ensuring extrasensory or psychic children have support while growing up is a passionate topic for me. What message do you have for children or young adults with these abilities? Is there any special advice you have for their parents or support networks?
I think it’s important that people open their minds to the idea that we have extrasensory abilities. I believe that we are all born with extrasensory abilities but I think that some of us lose our abilities because of society and conditioning. We feel, or sense, that it is not right, correct or something to be talked about. I think, because of this, a lot of children shut down their abilities, which is unfortunate. For whatever reason – and I talk about this in my book From dark to light: a modern mystics guide to healing the shadow & embracing the light – with every passing year my abilities became stronger. I’m unsure why. I think it was just my life path. Even though I was in trouble for my abilities – I knew it was frowned upon and I was not liked – I simply couldn’t stop being so psychic and extrasensory.

The message that I would give children or young adults with these abilities is that it’s actually quite normal. I think if we accept it as being normal our abilities will flourish. And the advice I give to parents or support networks is to accept it in children but also to accept it in themselves, and to perhaps work on their own chakras to open themselves up to their own abilities. Because a life with intuition is a much easier life. I can’t imagine living without my intuition – it’s my compass, it’s my mentor, it’s my guardian.

Your life purpose is to help people change their energy and heal their lives. How did you gain your current sense of ownership, peace and empowerment around your abilities? And how did you get to know, in your bones, that this is your life purpose?
I think because my abilities were so strong and so pronounced, I didn’t have a choice but to accept them. If I had continued to suppress them I would have become more and more unhappy and more and more sick. For me, it was through opening up and accepting my abilities that my health got better and my that my life got better. I personally don’t feel that it was a choice. I had a choice to sink or swim and, after trying for 19 years to suppress it, I just had to learn to swim, I just had to learn to work with it. How did I know in my bones that it’s my life purpose to accept my abilities? Again, I don’t feel I had a choice. I had a choice to embrace or I had a choice to resist. And resisting made me sick and unhappy. Embracing made me happy and well.

What does healing mean to you?
It means that all of my chakras are open and receiving energy and generating energy and projecting energy. That’s what health is – the free flow of chi throughout all of our chakras and energy flowing up from the earth into our bodies and energy flowing down from the heavens into our bodies. Healing to me is self-healing. It’s looking after myself and my energy field and my chakras. And also listening to my intuition and knowing that life is to be lived in the way that’s right for me and my energy field and my chakras.

What healing do you think is needed and wanted in the world right now? And how do you support this through your work?
I think the only healing that is needed and possible in the world right now is self-healing. As Eckhart Tolle says, you must turn within for anything to change without. And I wholeheartedly agree with that. I worked as a medical intuitive for 20 years and during this time I looked within hundreds, well actually thousands, of people’s energy fields and lives; and in every single circumstance where the person changed their energy it changed their life. The only way that we can create a new earth, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, is by doing our own self work. And for me that is changing our energy by changing our chakras.


Chakra-balancing, white light healing and shadow work form the foundation of your teachings. Your website has some great free resources to get people started. Can you tell us more about each of these elements and how they work together to bring about transformation?
I talk about this in great depth in my book. I talk about the rise in consciousness on the planet, how our energy is very quickly moving into our chakra six, how we are very quickly developing our extrasensory abilities as well as our intuition and psychic ability and how many of us modern mystics are struggling to do this. I also talk about how chakra balancing, white light healing and shadow work are the keys to not only surviving these turbulent times but to thriving in them. I offer free resources in my website – a course where people can learn about their chakras, a transcript of the chakra cleanse medication – and I offer free weekly white light healings, which help every person balance their chakras, change their energy, change their life and learn to thrive in these times.

I love that your work is very inclusive. Your toolkit – working with chakras, white light and our shadows – is accessible to everyone. It allows for self-healing and self-transformation and places both the power and responsibility for these things clearly in the hands of each individual. This is both very egalitarian and empowering. Why is individual agency in healing and transformation so important to you?
Healing and transformation come about with individual agency. No person can heal you or change you. You can only do it yourself. That’s the law of free will that operates in the universe. 

Some people refer to me as a spiritual teacher or a mentor or a healer – I’ve become accustomed to those labels but I don’t see myself like that – I just see myself as a mystic, a modern mystic, a woman with one foot in this world and one foot in another. But in the years that I’ve been in the field – which is some years now, I started young – I’ve witnessed a lot of people have a lot of sessions with healers, chakra balancers, osteopaths or kinesiologists – the healing was often very miraculous but rarely permanent and that’s because healing is individual.

The only real true healing is the healing of the spirit, the healing of our chakras. You can’t heal another human being. You can assist them in understanding that they can heal themselves and that they should and that the only way to change is by changing themselves. But we literally are unable to heal others and that is a core belief of mine and it is at the core of the work I do. And I know this because of the amount of contact I’ve had over the years with people that are so-called healers, and I’ve watched the way that they may help temporarily but it’s often not permanent. And that’s because for permanent healing to take place – whether it be healing of the mind or healing of the emotions or healing of the body – a person has to have a shift, the charkas and the blockages in them need to be healed. That’s the only way.

The School of the Modern Mystic is an in-depth six-month training program focused on supporting people in transforming their energy and transforming their lives. What can participants expect?
In SOMM we do a six-month training in chakras, white light, energy medicine, energy anatomy, self-healing and manifestation. I share with you everything I learnt in my 20-year career working as a medical intuitive. During that time I worked with a lot of very high profile people – business owners, CEOs and celebrities – and I was very well known for my intuitive and psychic gifts. I know what one needs to do in order to change their life. You not only need a knowledge transfer – and in the school I’m teaching you everything I know about chakras and energy fields and self-manifestation – but you need to actually do the work and change your life yourself. SOMM is a healing course – a course in self-healing. You come and you learn about these things, but you actually heal yourself, and you do that through doing the work you need to do. You change your energy and change your life and I energetically support you every step of the way. It truly is a profound course and profound healings and life shifts take place.

(Belinda has since announced that her SOMM is running one last time as she is cooking up new projects – enrollment opens mid-March).


You've spoken about not seeing yourself in any of the healer stereotypes. This opens the door of self-acceptance for others who feel the same. What message do you have for people who know deep down inside that they are healers but have no external example to identify with?
The only people that are really true healers are the ones that know it is about their own self path, their own self journey. Traditionally, in traditional cultures, the role of the healer and shaman evolved from a man or a woman going through very intense personal processes. In many cultures, it wasn’t until years had passed – sometimes 20, 30 or 35 years – until someone became the shaman or the healer or the medicine man or woman. That’s because they really had to have walked with their own shadow. I am highly skeptical of people who call themselves healers. I certainly don’t call myself a healer. I am highly skeptical because in today’s world it seems that anyone can do a weekend acupuncture course or a weekend course in channeling and energy work and they then call themselves a healer. But that’s not what a healer is. A healer is someone who has walked for a long, long time before they understand the workings of the shadow and the workings of energy. Their focus is not on healing others, their focus is on helping others to heal themselves. That’s what a real, true healer is and I feel in today’s world those people are far and few between. I feel that Eckhart Tolle is a healer – he wouldn’t call himself that, he would probably call himself a spiritual teacher. Caroline Myss is a very powerful healer. Now she’s not going to go and change your energy fields or change you but she will teach you. I also happen to think that Marianne Williamson is a very powerful healer. As far as I know they aren’t laying their hands on people or offering any healing sessions, but they are helping the world – the planet – to learn about itself through self-healing. That is true healing and that is what it means to be a healer.

You're very matter-of-fact about your skills and abilities, which I love. You were born this way and it's what you know and it's who you are. Similarly, you encourage people to focus on doing the work and to trust that whatever information they need will be revealed in the process. This removes a lot of drama and agony and analysis. How do you personally maintain this simplicity of approach and mindfulness in your day-to-day life? 
I truly believe that we’re all on a journey from dark to light but the way in which we experience that journey is completely individual and highly individualistic. The old saying “to thine own self be true” is completely 100% accurate and relevant. There are many, many, many paths possible. There are many, many, many paths to the light. And each one of us has to discover that for ourselves. Why my life is very simple, why I have a very clear head and why I find things relatively easy in terms of tapping into my intuition or knowing which path is mine, is because in my enlightened moment in 2007 my path was revealed to me. I had the experience of the white light, of knowing about the chakra system – the seven lower chakras and the five higher chakras – and I had the experience of knowing that I was a shadow-working type of light worker, more of a shadow hunter. I experienced journeying with my shaman. I’ve written about all of this in my book. It was as if my life’s map of how to work with my soul and follow my soul path was laid out for me. I’ve never deviated from that path – all I do, truly, is work on my chakras, work with the with light, read Eckhart Tolle and be a devotee to his teachings. I always say that the white light is my cosmic teacher and that Eckhart Tolle is my human teacher. For me it is very simple, I have my way. But I understand for many other people it’s not that simple and my heart goes out to them. I understand that many people are searching and striving and that’s why I try as much as I possible in my work to give people super simple, practical methods for tapping into their own energy, for discerning their own truth and for walking their own path from dark to light.

You believe that many children are born extrasensory but slowly begin to lose their connection to their spiritual abilities and other realms over time. What advice do you have for someone who wants to reclaim this part of themselves?
To me it always comes back to the chakras. Everything always comes back to the chakras. That’s because from my medical intuitive and mystical perspective, the basis of everything is the chakra system, we are energetically designed that way. You have 12 chakras. I have 12 chakras. If we have blockages in our chakras we experience struggle in some or many areas of our life. The process of ascension is simply the process of more energy coming into our chakras from the earth and from the sky and creating higher and higher ways of being. Everything that I do, everything that I say, everything that I will talk about for the rest of my life, even if I don’t mention it, is based in the chakra system. That to me is truth, that’s reality, that is everything. So, what I recommend to people is to work, obviously, on their chakras. And to make sure that the lower chakras are working properly so that the energy can rise into the higher chakras. I also recommend that they overcome their fears – that they look at what they are afraid of. Nowadays so much has changed in this field. When I was a child, 30 years ago, and when I started to work as a medical intuitive when I was 19, 20 years ago, people were not open to spirituality and extrasensory and intuitive abilities like nowadays. I think nowadays it’s very easy for us to embrace and reclaim this part of ourselves compared to when I was a child or when my mother was a child or when my grandmother was a child.


One of my favourite concepts you've introduced me to is the "personal honesty policy". This resonates so much more with me than the slogans of "being true to yourself" etc. Can you tell us more about what a personal honesty policy is?
I try as much as I can to be as honest with myself as I can. That doesn’t mean I always get it right. Because when we’re afraid or when we’re conditioned or when we’re made to feel bad about feeling certain ways it can be hard to really, truly know how we feel. Usually there is so much layering, so much conditioning to get through before you can get to the heart of your truth. So, like you, I really don’t care for that very hippy, new age, spiritual slogan of “be true to yourself”. Because that really isn’t what it’s about – it’s about doing your best to always ask yourself how you really feel. I try to look at my shadow and my ego as much as I can: where am I being jealous, where am I being envious, where am I being frustrated, where am I being angry? Because often behind that is truth. See nowadays a lot of spiritual people think any type of negative – or what we call negative – emotion, like anger, jealousy, envy or resentment is simply your ego talking. “Be light and love, be positive, don’t think negatively”, they say. But for me, behind a lot of these feelings – these feelings of ick or “oh, I don’t like that” – is the realisation that something is not my truth. So, I do my best to sit with those feelings and really ask myself “ok, what’s behind this jealousy, what’s behind this anger, am I acting in a way which is not in alignment with myself?”. And that’s what a personal honesty policy is for me – it keeps me aligned because everything you do, whether you realise it or not, every word you speak, every word you write, every text you send, every interaction you have has a follow-on effect. To truly share our light – another very trendy term nowadays in the spiritual field – to spread love and light, we have to actually spread love and light, we have to be clear in our intentions, not confused or murky. Most people don’t think about it like that, most people are firing off emails, most people are responding to texts, most people are reacting instead of taking a while to really think it through and respond.

It seems to have been a busy last 12 months for you – moving your family back to Australia from Germany, publishing your first book, running a number of in-person events, buying an apartment and adding a dog to the family... What is next for you and your work?
I’m working on my second book. I’m in the throes of that. I’m unsure what that will be about yet but that’s fine, that usually comes later. I’ll be having a very quiet year I think. I am just spending a lot of time in the white light working on my chakras and just letting this year really unfold. I worked a lot last year, moved a lot, expressed a lot, achieved a lot, and, so far, this year feels like stillness and staying put.

What would you like us to know about you?
I want people to work on their chakras, that’s what I want. And I want people to really find their own path to God, or the universe, or the light or whatever you like to call it. That’s what’s important.

If you could leave us with just one message what would it be?
Work on your chakras.

Thank you so much for your time. Also for your beautiful generosity in providing free weekly white light healings! Xx

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