Activate the intuition of your heart

Run by Kat from The Moon School, Activate the intuition of your heart begins on the Full Moon in Scorpio (on Wednesday 10th May). I am already signed up for this course and can't wait! Kat tells us more about it below.


In the words of Kat:

The Heart has a wisdom all of its own.

And whilst many in the Spiritual and New Age communities talk about "heart centred living" and “speaking from the heart”, “acting from the heart”, basically doing everything “from the heart”, what does this really mean? 

And more to the point, how do we do it?

I have come to realise that there are very few teachers who will (or can) actually offer an explanation of this, instead only talking about and around the subject of the heart, without ever digging in deeply enough.

Because I have always wanted to know WHY.

I've spent the last five years tuning in, deeply, to the wisdom and intuition of my heart (and it’s quite different from the intuition that comes from activating and accessing the third eye... This will be explained in detail in the course).

It is time for me to share what I know, and to explain how you can activate your intuitive capabilities, because the heart is the gateway to truth, to unity and into alignment with life in a way not many people get to experience.

The steps are easy, simple to follow, but powerful when put together into this intentional method.

Follow this link to find out more about this course, I would LOVE for you to join me, and learn these tools for yourself!