When I was a child my mother had a recording called “Coming home through yoga and meditation”. I didn’t quite get the concept thirty-something years ago, but now I do.

Coming home to ourselves is the most profound gift we can give ourselves. There is great power in releasing all that is not us, in remembering who we really are, and in finding and expressing our own unique voice. 

For me, this is what healing is.

In this context, healing is definitely not something that can be consumed or commercialised. In this context, we are each 100% responsible for the healing transformation of our own lives.

Grace Healing Collective is about being a clearing to support you on this journey. 

I love techniques that empower self-healing. This includes Breathwork healing, sound therapy, Pranic Healing and Co-Active Coaching. I offer individual and group sessions. 

I also run a blog featuring interviews with women I find inspirational. The motivation is simple: to show there’s a multitude of different ways you can heal and show up in the world. 

Sarah Davies De Paola



What is the power of life? With all the ungraceful dirt, nonsense, you remain graceful.
— Yogi Bhajan


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